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Who we are

Laboratory Guru is an online store that caters to anyone who are in need of laboratory apparatus and testing equipment. At Laboratory Guru, you can choose from an assortment of products ranging from Beakers, Bottles, Gloves and many more!

Here, we strive to keep our prices competitive so that users are able to get what they need at an affordable price and reasonable order quantity.

Laboratory Consumables


Safety & PRotection


If you are a new laboratory set up, you can also drop us an e-mail! We will have a personnel  assist you on gearing up your laboratory!

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Chemicals & Reagents

Chemical Purchase
Interested in purchasing chemicals? Unfortunately, there will be no sales of chemicals and reagents here as chemicals are only catered to corporate businesses and not to any individual to prevent any misuse or legal issues. Fret not! Click here to work with our partner to who can assist you further. 

Chemical Restrictions
Please note that chemical handling, storage and transportation are strictly regulated in Singapore. You are required to obtain regulatory permits and/or licenses before you are allowed to make any purchases.